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Who created the Tagline and New Logo?

ChangeMakers is an internationally award-winning full-service marketing communications company founded in 1998 and based in Winnipeg. We recently merged with Context Research in Vancouver and now have over 40 full-time staff with experience and expertise encompassing the entire communications spectrum, including research, strategic planning, creative development, graphic design, web/digital media, media buying and evaluation.

We take a hands-on approach and that means success is never ours alone – it grows out of great relationships with our clients. For ChangeMakers, effective branding and marketing come down to relationship-driven service. From project start to finish, we will work collaboratively with you to keep you informed throughout the process and to ensure the end results meet – and exceed – your expectations.

We have a proven track record in developing effective branding, design, communications materials and websites to help our clients raise awareness, build support and achieve their communications and strategic goals. We also have extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector, providing the tools and guidance to help not-for-profit organizations make the most of limited resources. Our not-for-profit clients include Thrive Community Support Circle, Epic Opportunities, John Howard Society of Manitoba, Main Street Project, Lunch Bell Bistro, Urban Stable and Partners in Inner-city Integrated Prenatal Care (PIIPC). Our work for Urban Stable won a 2016 International Summit Creative Award for Complete Rebrand/Redesign, and for PIIPC, a 2016 Signature Award from the Advertising Association of Winnipeg for Animation or Motion Graphics.
Trees: The different trees reflect the idea that Evermore is inclusive of all different kinds of people and kids. The trees are a nod to Evermore’s community in West Central Winnipeg, where many streets are lined with large trees – and by referencing the community it carries on the tradition of the previous logo, which also referenced the community with a cityscape. Trees are a place where kids gather to play with their friends – which is part of what Evermore does. Trees also speak to the theme of growth.

Stylized “E”: 
The “E” is Evermore’s initial. It represents the organization like a monogram. The stylized design has three elements, and this reflects the three parts of Evermore’s positioning statement (gather, grow, lead). The shapes of the E recall leaves, which aligns with the trees in the positioning statement and the theme of growth.
Colours: The combination of teals and purples is bright, young and playful, while also being professional and contemporary. The teals reinforce the theme of growth, as they are close to green (like trees!). The warmth of the purple balances the lightness of the teal, and is a subtle nod to the red that was part of WCCP’s old logo.
Tagline: Gather Grow Lead

speaks to what the organization offers participants – a place to gather grow and lead. It also speaks to the idea that the organization is growing future leaders.