Rationale: Evermore… There’s something about Evermore that feels like a fantasy. It’s an escape – a place to get away to. It sounds like the world in a children’s novel. The meaning of Evermore is “always, continually, forever or henceforth” It’s forward thinking and forward moving, never stopping. It’s reflective of children and their need to continually move, learn and grow.
Callum Beattie from Honest Agency 
A Partner with Honest Agency, a creative agency specializing in Strategic Planning, Branding and Advertising. Honest Agency used to be called Neuhaus Design, which Callum co-founded in April of 2000 with a different partner. Callum earned his BComm in Marketing from the University of Manitoba in 1996.
Who Created the New Name?
Callum was a Spark match to assist with rebranding.

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